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miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

Feng Shui tips

It is always great Feng Shui to decorate your house with fresh flowers. Flowers in the bedroom though are not recommended for married couples. Peach tones, lots of flowers are great in the bedroom of a single person looking for a partner.

First thing in the morning when you wake up look up at something very beautiful - it can be a view from the window or hang a nice looking happy picture in front of your bed so you look at it first thing in the morning. That will help to set happy mood for your whole day.

Place a pair of comfortable chairs on your veranda. Bringing things in pairs always help to strengthen relationships in your life.

Orange is a great color to bring more joy, happiness and positivy in your life. It is also great healing color. Want to boost your creativity - decorate with orange.

With Feng Shui it is important to remember what we surround ourselves in everyday life. Do you see happy images in your house or sad ones? You can go around your house and check your art on the walls especially your bedroom. You cant be both happy and sad - so the choice is always yours to make..

If you have travel bug - time to check whats going on in your Travel Sector of your house. It is located on the right hand side from the main entrance door. Clean clutter and hang images there of your desired destination!!!

Mirrors are great in dining areas or in the kitchen area as they reflect dining table and food - symbol of prosperity and abundance. Hanging a mirror you double your abundance. Make sure you see only nice reflection in your mirror as you don't want to double what you don't want.   

Add a beautiful vibrant plant in your office. Plants not only bring positivity to office environment but also symbolize growth and prosperity for the company.   

 By: Beata Kulitskaya

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